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Greetings Friends of New Life Fine Arts!

Thank you for helping us with publicity for our upcoming 2022 production of Celestial City. Please feel free to use any of the materials below to help promote our upcoming shows.

As mentioned before all casts and crew are required to get at least ONE ad for the upcoming playbill for “Celestial City”

Please go to a business owner you know or near you or a family member or friend and ask if they would like to place an ad in our playbill.

Show them a sample copy.

When selling an ad please tell them that we have been producing quality musicals for over 35 years. In 2019 we had over 4500 attend our musical “Esther” and many of the shows were sold out. In 2021 we had nearly 3000 attend “Ebenezer Scrooge: A Christmas Carol”. Remind them that they will get 2 complimentary tickets for placing an ad. They will be contacted by email later with info on how to
obtain their tickets.

1. In the upper right hand corner you will see a box with NLFA Contact Name. That box is to be filled out by you so I know who sold the ad.
2. On the left side you will see the sizes, cost and whether the ad should be B/W or Color. Check the appropriate box.
3. Across the page on the right is the advertisers info. Name, Address, Email and Phone Number.
This is important for me to follow up with tickets and any questions I have.
4. On the bottom left is the way they can pay. I prefer Checks or Cash but the others can be used.
We can bill if necessary or they can pay by credit card.
5. On the bottom right is the email where the ad files should be sent. If they only have a business
card or hard copy please staple it there with any changes to the text. They can also mail this to me at the address.
6. All electronic files are to be sent to the email address NewLifeFineArts.playbill@gmail.com.
7. Once the ad is placed and they have given you a check or other payment give them the Yellow Copy and give me the White Copy.
8. The very bottom left is for information about the ads if we need to know.


Thank you for helping out. This work you do goes a long way to advertise for the show as well help pay
for this beautiful playbill.

Co-working in the Lord.
Glenn Gray

Postcard and Poster Artwork

Choose various sizes to print yourself or use the JPG to share online or via text message.

Additional Promo Ads

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