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New Life Fine Arts Mission

Theater you can believe in!

During the 30+ years New Life Fine Arts has been endeavoring to produce “theater you can believe in”, time and time again we hear a common sentiment: “We had no idea this existed in New England!” Bringing “new life” to the classics while illuminating “new life” that is born out of our faith, and doing so through the arts (particularly musical theater that intertwines all of the artistic disciplines in one remarkable package), is something we feel called to do in the New England area. But we can’t do it alone.

And that is evident by the hundreds that make up our cast, crew, tech and behind-the-scenes workers in order to fulfill a common vision. And the thousands that partner with us by attending our stage productions, join us on recording campaigns, support us through financial gifts and prayer, and help spread the word in their local communities. If you have been involved with any of these blessings, YOU are part of the New Life Fine Arts family – and we are grateful!

Our commitment is to consistently:
  1. Provide high-quality entertainment and works of art that reflect the truth of the gospel.
  2. Promote and encourage God-glorifying artistic endeavors through education, exhibitions, and community networking so creative gifts can be developed and exercised for the benefit of others.
  3. Partner with Christian individuals and groups to reach out to their communities through the performing and visual arts.
  4. Present impactful stories that in some way reflect the timeless truth of Who God is and what He has done in the person of His Son.

If you are interested in making an investment in this generation through the high impact medium of theater arts, New Life Fine Arts welcomes your partnership. Your financial assistance would help us:

  • Upgrade much needed sound and lighting equipment for future productions,
  • Finish the production of the original cast recording of Esther: For Such a Time as This,
  • Help us keep our ticket prices low in order to reach a wider audience (many regional theater groups charge over $30 per ticket),
  • Build a fund to provide complimentary tickets to our productions for those in need,
  • Grow our volunteer base, train new crew members and nurture a mentoring program as part of our production plan,
  • Create a summer theater program for children and teens to get more experience in musical theater,
  • Build traveling teams to bring smaller shows to churches and outdoor events in order to share the Gospel, and
  • Help us package our theatrical productions to be licensed by other communities in the USA and around the world.

Your financial partnership is most welcome (and is tax-deductible). You can donate online HERE or send a check to:

New Life Fine Arts
221 Baker Avenue
Concord, MA 01742

Our long-range vision is to provide a full season of high-quality dramatic events (three productions a year) on a resident stage in our proposed New Life Ministry Center; home of New Life Community Church and New Life Fine Arts at 221 Baker Ave. Concord, MA. From this base we propose to send traveling performing and teaching teams who will take the message where the people are. We also provide many opportunities for people to use their gifts and talents during our productions. For up-to-date information call our offices at (978) 369-0061.

Yours in Life’s Great Unfolding Story,
David MacAdam, Artistic Director and Founder
New Life Fine Arts