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“Ants’hillvania” is a fun one-act musical drama written by Jimmy and Carol Owens with Cherry Boone O’Neill for a cast of all ages. It is based on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son recorded in the gospel of Luke. The lead character, Ant-ony, chooses to leave his father, the Command-ant, forsake his friends in the ant colony and squander his inherit-ants seeking fortune and fame. He is led down the garden path after being mesmerized by the deceptive glamor of a dragon fly. It is a powerful story reflecting truths about God’s love and the joy of repent-ants!
Auditions will be held this weekend (Saturday, August 21 at 9 AM) and (Sunday, August 22 at 3 PM) at the New Life Ministry Center at 221 Baker Ave Concord, MA. We are asking those who audition to do their best to learn the first verse of the song “Ants’hillvania” and be prepared to sing it, the audio and lyrics are below.
Please spread the word that we will be recruiting more ants to the colony this weekend!
Performance dates will be at a New Life Harvest Festival, Columbus Day Weekend (October 9-11)